spec ēspace


spec ēspaceは、「空間・宇宙」などの構造・性能を意味します。
spec ēspaceは、フレームによって空間を作り出す眼鏡です。
spec ēspaceのもうひとつのこだわりは、純粋な「日本製」であること。
spec ēspaceには、そうした卓越したクラフトマン精神が脈々と息づいています。

spec ēspaceは、無限に拡がる空間、宇宙的な広がりをカタチにする眼鏡です。

The longing for space. Release, invitation to infinity.
spec ēspace means the structure and performance, such as "Space and Space".
spec ēspace is glasses that create the space by the frame.
Form is naturally wraps the face, show us the other one of the facial expression.
In particular, the impression from the side might "mode" it was not until now.

that another commitment spec ēspace is a pure "made in Japan".
Fukui Prefecture Sabae City, place of production of glasses, which boasts the world.
In each of the factory, we are told elaborate glasses technology.
The spec ēspace, such outstanding craftsmanship spirit is alive unbroken.

When you create endless space, people will pursue draws a dream.
Form in the "futuristic" a "spatial", "mode".
spec ēspace is glasses that space that extends to infinity, the cosmic expanse in shape.